First Panel Instructtions

Welcome Section 

  • Change the image from Content Element Settings --> Header Content
  • Text from Main Content
  • Link from Content Element Settings --> Footer Content.


  • Change the image from Post Element Settings --> Header Content
  • Select the board as you desire with the default settings.


  • Change the image from Content Element Settings --> Header Content
  • Main title from Content Element Settings --> Title
  • Link from main content  if you want to display the video in pop-up (youtube, vimeo etc) please go to settings and add an extra class: video-link, if you choose to add a normal link just remove the class: video-link

Description Quicklinks 

Added instructions in Instructions branch --> quicklinks instructions

Second Panel (Grid) Instructions

The image can be changed in content element settings --> Design --> Background Image

Link in Main Content

As for twitter feeds select the source as you desire with the default settings, it will always pull the latest twitter feeds (3 as number).

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