Animal Aid

The first Year 12 assembly of the year featured Karen Blackshaw, a representative of Animal Aid, the largest and one of the longest running animal rights group in the UK. The         organisation aims to end all forms of animal abuse and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Karen talked more specifically about the cruelty of testing on animals and how, despite claims by scientists that they can save lives, the truth is that testing on animals can be largely    ineffective since the animals do not share many human characteristics and do not suffer from illnesses and diseases such as HIV/AIDS or malaria.

She spoke of the sheer scale of animal experiments where the subjects come from a wide range of species with a staggering statistic that every 8 seconds an animal dies from testing abuse. There were some joyful moments in the assembly though with Karen informing us of better, more efficient and most importantly, less cruel methods and I am sure the Year 12s left the assembly more informed and more concerned about animal rights.

Callum McAvoy