CCF Cadets attend State Visit at Buckingham Palace


Royal Russell CCF took 2 cadets to Buckingham Palace to help with the preparations for the state visit of the President of Mexico.

Myself and Corporal Watson spent the day at St James’ Palace and Buckingham Palace. Our role was to help the axe keeper for the Royal Guard of the Gentlemen at Arms. This was a fantastic opportunity to speak with retired and serving officers of very high and respectable rank. They were more than happy to regale us with stories of their time serving, not only with the armed forces, but they told us that they had once been Cadets and this gave good prospects and hopes for the future.

The job involved loading and unloading the ceremonial axes, banner and sticks for the honourable Gentlemen at Arms.  This does not seem very interesting as simply shepherding axes from place to place is not the most exciting job, however visiting Buckingham Palace and being within its walls during a state visit of her Majesty the Queen and the President of Mexico adds to the impressiveness of the situation. We also viewed the Ceremonial Band which played the song Gold removing some of the tension.

When we had loaded the axes back in their usual place we were given a private tour of St James Palace which was most revealing due to stories of George IV bankrupting the country with the rejuvenation of Buckingham and St James’s Palace.