Senior School Production - A Huge Success!

This year, our annual Senior School production is Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest – a fanciful and fantastic play involving ridiculous dialogue, surprising plot twists and, of course, brilliant characters.

Exceptional talent is displayed through the nine parts in this play – a small cast, in a fashion rather odd for a traditional school play production.

The cast features:

Lucas Jones (Year 9) as Cecily

Emil Djemal (Year 13) as Lady Bracknall

Jack Wallis (Year 13) as Gwendolen

Elysia Beaumont (Year 13) as Jack

Ivan Veselov (Year 11) as the Reverend

Astrid Macquillin (Year 9) sharing the part of the Merriman

Stevie Palmer (Year 9) sharing the part of the Merriman

Anna Armitage  (Year 9) sharing the part of the Merriman

Thalia Selby (Year 11) as Miss Prism

Carlie Hedmann (Year 13) as Lane

Katie Durrell (Year 13) as Algernon.

This combination of old and new hands promises to turn out well, even as our actors cope with the challenges of playing members of the opposite sex convincingly, and the poetic but hilarious language.

The production teams are entirely student run, so whilst there is pressure on many students, the independence they have been given ensures that everything will run smoothly as the crew support the cast and vice versa.  The cast members have been working hard, along with all members of the crew to produce a memorable production that all will enjoy.

Come and experience some of the very best of Royal Russell’s acting talent during an enjoyable and fun evening.

25th, 26th and 27th November 2015. Performing Arts Centre Audirorium. 7.30pm. 

Please contact the Senior School Office to book your tickets!