Concluding the Holocaust Series

On Tuesday 3rd March Mrs Thomas-Webb gave the final talk in our Holocaust Memorial series. She spoke about Doctor Josef Mengele – who was known as the Auschwitz Angel of Death.

In Auschwitz, Mengele saw the opportunity to conduct genetic research on human subjects. His experiments, focusing primarily on twins, were unscientific and had no regard for the health or safety of his subjects. However, his victims had relatively good living conditions as compared to other inmates because they were deemed as “useful”. Mengele often introduced himself to children as “Uncle Mengele” and offered them sweets and chocolate which lulled them into a false sense of security.

They were, however, frequently forced to undergo procedures without anaesthetic or pain relief. Many died or were permanently disabled.

This informative talk was certainly chilling but highlighted the need to remember and learn from the events of the past.