Driving School

Royal Russell is extremely keen to promote safe driving and runs the Royal Russell Young Drivers' Club which is supported by Croydon Council and JEDS Driving School.

This is a unique opportunity for our Sixth Formers to prepare for their Theory Tests using a range of resources including hands-on experience in the safety of the school grounds. Once they have passed the Theory Test, they may then take advantage of reduced rates in practical lessons.       

The ten week theory course is provided by the JEDS Driving Instructor Team. Students are given the opportunity to drive off road, using the school grounds that are located around the perimeter of the School.  Our aims are to introduce our students to good practices and driving safely. The course allows each student to build up their awareness and knowledge in a professional set up. The course is enhanced by established and fully qualified driving instructors whose aims are to ensure a greater understanding of driving techniques and safety.

JEDS add a substantial amount of information to the package to ensure that a greater understanding of the Theory Test is achieved. A wealth of information is passed to the student to increase safety awareness, hazard perception, as well as being comfortable with the Theory Test requirements.

Courses are run throughout the year and the majority of our students pass their practical test first time.