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Old Russellians and current pupils and staff came together on Sunday 13th November to remember those Old Russellians who had died in recent and past conflicts around the world. They observed the two minute silence at the Memorial Garden at 11am. Nigel Reed (at school 1965-1976) and Alison Reed (at school 1969-1976) laid the wreath on behalf of the O.R.s




On the 12th November a Reunion for the O.R.s took place in the evening at The Croydon Park Hotel.  The intention was to gather together leavers from the 1970s and this became a great success.  Some former pupils had not been back to the school or to a similar O.R. event since leaving, Paul Lynch was one such former pupil who had attended the school from 1960-1971 and he also attended the tour of the school which had been organised earlier in the day and was followed by tea.


As the evening drew to a close many were asking when the next event would be taking place as they had had such a great time meeting together and exchanging stories of their lives at the school.



We were fortunate to also have a number of former members of staff along, John Piggin, Lorna Ogilvie and Julia Powell who were joined by Graham Moseley, a current member of staff who started at the school in 1979. We were also pleased to welcome the current Headmaster, Chris Hutchinson, who takes a keen interest in O.R. activities and continues to support the Society.




On Friday 16th September The ORGS Trophy Day took place at Woldingham Golf Club. 


Following our successful July gathering, another excellent turnout of Old Russellians attended Woldingham GC on 16th September to contest the second ORGS Trophy Event. Conditions for the early part of the round were a little testing but once the rain ceased it became a very pleasant and enjoyable match with two new players joining the society, Ian Windle (1967-1975) and Steve Mitchell/Gallacher (1972-1976).

First place went to John McKay (1967-1974) who had an excellent round, winning with 35 points.

Robin Parker (1969-1975) claimed second place with 34 points, almost retaining the Trophy that he won last year while Adrian Edwards (1969 - 1976) was third after count back, also with 34 points.

John McKay collected the prizes for both closest to the pin and the longest drive and John Piggin (retired member Staff and OR Chairman) won the prize for most improved player.

After the game we were joined for a meal/drink by several non playing ORs, Nick Southey (1968-1976), Julian Edwards (1969-1976), Mike Goodman (1963-1976), David Gunaratnam (1972-1976) and Mark Vernon (1969-1976) which made for a hugely enjoyable evening.

The next ORGS Trophy will be held at the end of July 2017 so if anyone would like to join the Society then please contact Adrian Edwards at
















On Friday 8th July a Joint RRS and O.R. Golf Day took place at Woldingham Golf Club. The photos can be viewed here.



Adrian Edwards (at school 1969-1976) organised the second successful ORGS pre-trophy warm up competition on Friday 8th July at Woldingham Golf Club. Another excellent turnout of Old Russellians attended and this time we were delighted to be joined by three current members of staff (Martin Tanner, Dave Jewiss and Bradley Wilson) and retired Cambridge Housemaster and O.R. Chairman, John Piggin, who played to a very high standard.

First place went to John McKay (at school 1967-1974) who had an exceptional round, winning with 40 points and playing off a handicap of 12. (No claims of ‘Bandit’ in this case?) Adrian Edwards was second with 39 points and Andy Rogers (at school 1977-1984 and ex member of staff) claimed third place with 38 points. Longest Drive was won by Tim Spurring (at school 1972-1979) and Adrian picked up closest to the pin due only to the fact that no one else except Ian Walsh (at school 1973-1975) managed to land their ball on the green, tricky conditions and a strong breeze were held responsible.

The golfers were also joined by two non-playing O.R.s, Mark Vernon (at school 1969-1976) and Mike Goodman (at school 1965-1976). They followed the players around on a buggy encouraging the players and taking photographs of the event.








The Riverside Reunion at The Anchor - 24th June 2016

Ex Royal Russell Pupils held their annual riverside reunion on a sunny June evening and took over The Anchor's upstairs bar and balcony!

Please click here for the full photo album.

A great evening - thanks to everyone who attended - and please come again next year. Don't forget to 'Like' us on our Facebook page.

Pictured left are: James Dale (at school 1990-1997), Diana Head (at school 1996-1998) and Tiera Tizard-Varcoe (at school 1991-1998)




The 'Oldies' Reunion in Northwood - 22nd June 2016


Suzanne Thomas-Webb's Leaving 'Do' at Coombe Lodge - Thursday 26th May 2016

























A very sad group of Royal Russell staff (teachers, admin and support teams) surprised Suzanne Thomas-Webb with a party at Coombe Lodge to mark her 19 years of loyal and dedicated service to Royal Russell School. Suzanne was our Deputy Head Pastoral and has left the School to take up a new position as a member of the English Department at Forest School in Horsham. Suzanne first joined RRS in 1995 and after a 5 year stint as Buchanan Housemistress and Teacher of English and Drama she left us, but returned in 2003 as Deputy Head. She will be sadly missed by everyone.  We wish her every success in the future. 


PHOTO ALBUM of the event!



O.R. Annual Footie Tournament - Saturday 16th April 2016


The Annual O.R. Footie was organised again by Steve Greaves (Oxford Housemaster) and took place on the first Saturday of the summer term. There are so many great photos and these can be found here. A sample can be seen below.

Thanks to all the players and spectators, and to Steve Greaves for organising the day (but not the weather!) and to Donna Pepperdine for the amazing photos!!

Since 2003, the annual Old Russellians football tournament has taken place on Top Pitch. This year, despite holding the event 5 weeks later than usual it was still bitterly cold! This has become something of a tradition. 6 teams of ‘old boys’ returned to take part. All the group games were fiercely contested, thanks in no small way to the tightness of the two 7-a-side pitches. The final was a re-run of last year, between the ‘Record Breakers’ (leavers in 2008) and ‘Class on Grass’ (leavers in 2013). Many of the players on the pitch were former 1st team players from two of the school’s best ever 1st teams. There was a different result from 2015 however as the ‘Record Breakers’ emerged as comfortable 3-0 winners. Alex Loizou’s ‘all-star’ Sheppard and Hanifan team won the runners-up ‘plate’ competition. My thanks to all of the boys for coming back and making the afternoon such a fantastic occasion. Thanks in particular to all of the team organisers (Ryan Walters, Ed Bezant, Alex Loizou, Michael Bankole and Andrew Durr ), Mr Davies and Mr Selby for refereeing, Mrs Pepperdine for her photography and Sue Tanner for her help with the O.R.s.

Looking forward to next year when the event will take place over by the new pavilion.