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Ex pupils and teachers wishing to have their website mentioned in this directory should please send appropriate details including full name (maiden name where applicable), House and years at school to the membership secretary


Isabella Luba - at Periscopix Digital Marketing Company

Isabella was at school 2004-2011 and head of Reade House 2010-2011. Isabella writes:

We are currently recruiting about 4/5 graduates every month to join our PPC Department. I just genuinely love the company and think for fresh graduates if they read about PPC and find it interesting there’ll love the role.

For the PPC Marketing Account Manager role (see more details here: http://www.periscopix.co.uk/careers/#jobs/38768) we don’t ask for any previous marketing experience or a marketing degree. As a PPC Marketing Account Manager they will be interacting with clients, analyzing data, creating key work campaigns and working with in teams to develop campaign strategies. We have a 3 month training program so as long as they come with a keen interest and knowledge of PPC (which they will have gained from doing research to get through the interview process), they will be fine.

We also have the largest Google Analytics department in the UK. Currently they are looking for Techy Graduates to join them. At the moment we are looking for Technical Web Analysts (see more details here: http://www.periscopix.co.uk/careers/#jobs/38784). For this role we do need graduates who have experience working with Java script, HTML or Google Analytics as although we have a training program for them we don’t have the time to go back to the very basics of coding. They don’t need to have done a computer science degree we just need to see they have experience working with these skills in their spare time.

Finally, we have also just started looking for an Attribution Analyst (http://www.periscopix.co.uk/careers/#jobs/254658) and Digital Data Analyst (http://www.periscopix.co.uk/careers/#jobs/254656). For these roles we are looking for people with between 1 and 3 years’ experience. I thought this may be of interest to those who left RRS some time ago.

About The Roles: http://www.periscopix.co.uk/careers/

Simon Dale - The Cronx Brewery

Former Alcohol Wholesaler, Mark Russell & Former City Worker, Simon Dale (Old Russellian), met shortly before the London riots in 2011 at a beer festival, and found they both were having thoughts about starting up a new brewery in the area. Both born and raised in Croydon, where there has been no commercial brewery since 1954, the riots and subsequent renewal of community spirit convinced them to push ahead with their plans. After nearly a year of test brewing, planning and trying to find financial backing, The Cronx Brewery was formed. They had their commercial brewery equipment delivered on 10th July 2012, brewed for the first time commercially on 18th July 2012, and had their first beers on sale in Croydon pubs on Wednesday 8th August 2012, exactly one year after the riots occurred in Croydon. The first year of trading beat all expectations, and they now brew five permanent beers, as well as a range of special seasonal and one-off brews. http://www.thecronx.com/

Jonathan Blows - St Andrew's (2001-2009)

An Event Production Services Company.
Email: info@fix-d.co.uk 
Telephone: 0203 393 7210
Fax: 0844 358 2022
To visit Jonathan's Website, please click here. 
To view one of Jonathan's videos, click here.

Mrs Julia Mclean née Fenlon - French teacher from the 1960s

If any ex pupil wants to know what I am doing these days, I am writing for a website called lifeasahuman.com (a Canadian site). Go to the website and scroll down to my name Julia Mclean and there I am. You can read my recent article by clicking on this site. Spread the word - that's how I get paid.

Oliver Morgan (Junior School, then Oxford House 1996 - 2009)

Oliver founded Universal Fuels in 2009, aged 17. His firm delivers bulk kerosene, diesel and petrol across the UK. He also launched the industry’s first price-comparison site for home heating oil, now used by 6,000 homeowners. With just £3,000 in startup capital, Morgan's already hit £250,000 turnover. His latest product is own-brand lubricants. 
To visit Olivers' Website, please click here. 

Fiona Potts (nee Wood)

Fiona Potts (nee Wood) runs a beautiful B&B farmhouse with her husband.
Gwaenynog Farmhouse B&B
01938 810236
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GwaenynogBnB?ref=sgm
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/GwaenynogBnB
Chosen one of the Best 50 B&B's in the UK by The Independent newspaper, March 2011.Click here to view article.

Sue Stemp (1980-1985)

Sue Stemp was at Royal Russell during the early 80's and was in South House. Click here to read an extract from Sue's website about Sue, the Fashion Designer, living in Los Angeles. It's good to be back in contact with Sue after over 20 years!

Ian Windle  (1967-1978)

At LiveChange we help people to change their behaviour. We do this by getting people to understand more about their jobs and their businesses and become motivated to contribute to its success. www.livechange.co.uk