Politics students attended a local hustings of 4 of the local candidates contesting Croydon Central at the up coming General Election. Answering questions were the current MP and Conservative candidate Gavin Barwell, the labour candidate Sarah Jones, the Green candidate Esther Sutton and the UKIP candidate Peter Staveley. The candidates took a wide range of questions from the audience with three of our students select to ask questions. Olga asked whether the voting age should be lowered – with the Green and Labour candidates saying yes, whilst the UKIP and Conservative candidates were less sure. Polina wanted to know whether the UK should leave the EU with not surprisingly only the UKIP candidate saying yes. Callum asked a question about local housing which led to the most heated discussion of the evening about whether Croydon’s current policy in Croydon was making it easier or harder for residents to rent or buy.


The students really enjoy the debate and they are all geared up now for the Mock election in the school which will take place on Thursday 30th April one week before the real thing.