RRS Appointments at THIMUN

Royal Russell students have again been offered some top posts at the very prestigious Hague Model United Nations Conference (THIMUN).

This is the largest MUN conference in Europe with over 3,000 students from 200+ schools from around the world. Maria has been invited to act as President of the ICJ, a huge honour for her and the school. Georgia has been invited to be Assistant President of the Disarmament Commission and three students have been invited to work on the conference newspaper Mutiny.  

Jordan as a Text Editor, Seonni a Layout Editor and Diana as an Artist. Royal Russell has also been offered a Security Council delegation - Venezuela - with Bart and Callum having seats on the Security Council.

There will be 21 students attending the conference in January 2016 and students who have not already applied will have until Friday 6th November to apply