On Thursday, a group of our Senior String players visited Shirley Methodist Church to perform a lunchtime concert. The ensemble played  Warlock’s ‘Capriol Suite’, the first movement of the Brandenburg Concert no. 3, by J S Bach, and solos were played by several students: Teo Grimshaw (Cello),  Arios Hu (Violin, Soloist), Alex Jenkins (Viola), Owen Leung (Violin), Yusuke Omura (Double Bass), Francesca Pringle (Cello), Thalia Selby (Violin, Soloist), Katarina Simic (Violin, Soloist), William Skelton (Violin), Myles Yates (Cello, Soloist) and Crystal Zou (Cello, Soloist). The students were joined by Ms F Griffith, our visiting violin teacher, and Mr W Bass, our visiting cello teacher, as well as by Ms E Frith, a guest viola player. Mr Millward directed the performances and provided piano accompaniment.

Students have been performing a concert at Shirley Methodist Church for several years now, and are always welcomed with a large audience and much enthusiasm. This year was no exception. Well done and thanks to everyone who took part, and to Mrs Ransom, who drove the minibus and took photographs for us.