Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a voluntary school activity open to pupils in Year 9 and above.

Run alongside military lines - it aims to teach practical skills which are not covered within other subjects at school.

Army and Royal Air Force sections organise specific training relative to the Cadets' choice.

Training within the CCF is organised and run by members of staff, the Officers, and cadet NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers) who are students in Years 12 and 13.  Within the initial training, pupils will be taught practical skills such as First Aid, Self-Reliance, Map and Compass Skills, as well as an understanding of the military structure.  

The nature of certain aspects of the training necessitates that it is carried out away from school.  Pupils have the opportunity to go on camps, course and expeditions.  

Much of the training that is provided within the CCF meets the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

The unique way in which the training is organised within the CCF allows for younger pupils to work alongside senior pupils within the School. The scheme has an emphasis on commitment, responsibility and teamwork.  Also, the physical nature of some of the activities helps to develop higher levels of fitness, whilst allowing members to do something that they will never have experienced before and may never get the chance to do so again.

Most find that by the end of their time with the CCF they have many fond memories and shared experiences that remain with them for the rest of their lives together with many life skills.  These activities are invaluable experiences that will demonstrate pupil motivation and persistence for the future.

RAF Odiham

On 4 April the RAF section travelled down to RAF Odiham. We had a really early start to the day, having to be at the school car park at 7:30am in the school holiday.

When we arrived we went into a room and were briefed about Chinooks. We had a look at a few Chinooks in the hangers and the different functions of these helicopters, before we went for a much needed lunch in the break room. At lunch a few people played pool and table football. After that we went on a visit to the armoury whilst we waited for our much anticipated helicopter flight. In the armoury (where George felt very much at home) we looked at different rifles, other weapons and even a mini gun!

After that we got an amazing opportunity to fly in a Chinook. Lucky for me I got to sit in the cockpit and I have to say it was a very small space. We went up for a few minutes in the           impressive Chinook and it was very hard to hear people over the noise of the rotors.

We were all very grateful for this opportunity.

White Water Rafting

On Sunday 12th March, a group of fearless cadets from Coloma and Royal Russell left school for the Olympic Kayak Course at Lee Valley Water Park for a morning of White Water Rafting.  

William seemed to enjoy spending more time off rather than on the raft and even managed to lose a number of oars downstream. 

Ella managed to stay on the raft for all 6 runs, not an easy task!  Mr S, who was yet to get wet, fell at the last hurdle. He managed to hold on for at least 4 runs before the course finally got the better of him and he too went overboard!

We spent a fantastic morning on a unique way of building our teamwork and friendship. 


RAF Section Air Squadron Trophy Competition

13 Cadets and 3 members of staff travelled to RAF Halton for the Air Squadron Trophy Competition and qualify for the national finals. We arrived in the hangar holding the competition at 0915 and were promptly told that the drill phase of our day had been moved to 0930 instead of 1630; cue Cadets frantically getting dressed in their Wedgewood uniforms and highly polished shoes before marching onto the parade square to conduct a routine they have been practicing since September.

The day proceeded with a written test on RAF knowledge, aircraft recognition, a first aid scenario and individual skills test, a fitness bleep test and a command task, with each of our Cadets participating in at least 3 of these events.  At the end of the day the teams from all of the schools, more than 200 cadets in total, gathered in the main hangar to hear the results. We placed a very respectable 3rd in fitness and a frankly amazing 2nd in First Aid. 


CCF Bootneck Challenge

Six Cadets and four accompanying Officers made the arduous journey to Peterborough for the Bootneck Challenge; a race around a course modelled off one used to test the Royal Marines. 

Having spent the night in the local RAF base, the Cadets were ready to race. A 5k course that consisted of grueling hills and intense physical obstacles such as a sandbag carry and multiple overhangs awaited us, but after a day of standing around the Cadets and participating officers were more than up for the challenge! The majority of Cadets worked in pairs to make sure that everyone could get around the obstacles, and both the Cadets and the Officers all finished in excellent time.

Lucas obtained first place in the junior category for individual males, and Maddy was the first girl to finish the race having completed all the obstacles. Overall it was a very successful event that helped improve the Cadets’ fitness and teamwork skills.