Royal Russell students travelled to The Hague annual THIMUN conference.

With over 3,000 students and staff attending the conference this is an amazing opportunity for our students to hone their diplomacy skills.

27 of our students attended, with Will and Diana in the Press team, Bart and Georgia as chairs, Michelle as one of the Deputy Secretary Generals, Badshah as a member of the Advisory Panel on New Guinea, Maria as a judge in the ICJ and the rest as delegates in the Australia delegation.

Monday was taken up with lobbying and the opening ceremonies and many of the delegates managed to add clauses and co-submit resolutions.

On Tuesday, having carried the Australian flag in the Opening Ceremony, Oleg addressed the General Assembly making an excellent speech. Alina and Ollie also made the opening speeches in their commissions. After lunch whilst Ella and Georgia were busy speaking in the Security Council, Sam was main submitter on his resolution. Each delegate was in a different    committee with Georgia getting the most comfortable seat in the real OPCW building.

Another incredibly successful conference for our students