Year 12 Assembly - Ashley Clift, A Graduate from Oxford University

This week’s Year 12 assembly speaker was Ashley Clift a graduate from Oxford University who talked about medicine and medical careers. Although obviously not all of the Year 12s are hoping to pursue a career in this industry, the talk was informative with all students taking part. Ashley quizzed us on several facts about the human body involving an x-ray picture where the students had to identify the different areas surrounding the lungs. He also talked about his time at Oxford and all the funny moments that had occurred there including his interview which involved some rather peculiar questions such as “What do you do when you are faced with a large predator heading towards you”. Despite this he had a brilliant time and encouraged us to apply there rather than Cambridge! Working as a medical researcher he spoke about the great parts of the job, most especially, of course, helping people get through tough times and treatments. In all the presentation was a great success and Ashley wished both those interested or not in medical careers good luck in the future.