Year 9 Assembly - Old Russellian Monica Popolontan speaks to the Students

It was with great pleasure that Monica accepted our invitation to speak to our Year 9 group on the importance of learning languages in our society and in a global market.

Monica is Romanian and boarded at the school, leaving in June 2011 after studying French, Spanish and Media Studies at A level. She achieved excellent results in her A levels and went on to study at the University of Royal Holloway.  She now works in Marketing.

She has been an inspiration to our youngsters and they were extremely pleased to ask her many questions - some personal and some related  to learning all kinds of languages.  They clearly realised that when competing for jobs in the UK and overseas, against students from all over the world, that speaking English alone was not enough.

Our Year 9 newcomers are learning French with German or English as a Foreign Language with German.

Merci!  Danke!  Thank you!