Year 12 Economics Trip to Cambridge University


A 7.30am Saturday morning departure for 11 motivated Economics students set the scene for a day of academic enrichment at Cambridge University.

Highlights of the day were talks from Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge lecturer in development economics and former consultant to the World Bank.  His thought-provoking talk challenged the traditional view about the value of free trade, arguing that the world's successful economies grew due to protectionist measures before 'kicking away the ladder' to preserve their own success.

The students particularly enjoyed the talk given by Linda Yueh, chief BBC Business Correspondent. She discussed the growth challenges facing China, emphasising the need for China to become innovators rather than imitators.  She highlighted China's reliance on exports and put forward the idea that China must focus on growing the size of their domestic economy, particularly in the service industry where there is high value added to be gained.

The students had a chance at the end of the day for a brief visit into Cambridge.  I hope it will motivate and inspire them to work hard for their AS exams!