Drama Scholarship

How do I apply ?

Application forms are available below or by contacting Admissions on admissions@royalrussell.co.uk.

Candidates will be required to attend a set half-day group audition run by the Director of Drama who will consider their skills and potential.

  • Candidates will be asked about their involvement in drama, both at school and with external organisations
  • Certificates, awards and achievements should be brought to the audition
  • Candidates will also be asked to perform an individual prepared piece.  The prepared piece should be a speech from a play which has been learnt by heart and which should take between two and three minutes to perform

All applications require supporting documentary evidence including letters from the candidate’s current school and external organisation.

Attendance at audition will not guarantee a successful application. We recognise, however, that children develop at different rates and unsuccessful applicants will be encouraged to reapply when appropriate.

For more information about Drama Scholarships click here.