Sport Scholarship

Sports Scholarship

How do I apply?

Please note: Registrations, scholarship applications, and bursary applications for September 2024 places have now closed. For further assistance, please contact

Applications will be pre-screened and not all candidates may be invited to attend the assessment day. Please consider carefully what is included in the personal statement so that it accurately reflects the candidate’s achievements and aspirations. All applications require supporting documentary evidence, including reports from the candidate’s club(s) and current school. In some cases, submission of video evidence may be appropriate.

Pre-screened candidates will be invited to attend a set half-day assessment with the Sport Department who will consider their skills and potential. During the assessment, candidates will be observed in a number of different activities to include demonstration of set skills and their application in small-sided games, allowing accurate assessment to be made. Candidates will also participate in fitness tests, for example in speed and agility using speed gates.

Attendance on the assessment day will not guarantee a successful application. We recognise, however, that children develop and mature at different rates and unsuccessful applicants will be encouraged to reapply when appropriate.


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Scholarship Forms 2025

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Sports Scholarship
Sports Scholarship
Sports Scholarship
Sports Scholarship