Boarding Houses

Royal Russell is a Day and Boarding school and all pupils integrate fully in all aspects of school life.  

The allocation of pupils into Houses promotes a strong sense of community, building strong friendships and promoting healthy competition and team spirit as well as making a high level of pastoral care possible. 

We have four Boarding Houses, two for boys (Cambridge and Oxford) and two for girls (Queen's and Hollenden) and all boarding houses have day pupils as well as boarders.  

Each House is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress who, with their families, live in the Boarding Houses. They are supported by a Deputy and a team of House Tutors and are all responsible for the pastoral and academic care of every boy and girl.

The atmosphere in each House is happy and collaborative, and relationships between day and boarding students of all ages are excellent, creating a sense of community that enables students to flourish.  Living in-House fosters a sense of compassion, tolerance, mutual respect and an appreciation of others’ talents. Older students have a vital role to play in welcoming and caring for younger students.

All Boarding Houses offer exceptional facilities for study, recreation and personal space and the House Staff encourage every student in their House to make the most of the outstanding range of co-curricular activities on offer at lunchtime and after school and during weekends.

House competitions and assemblies encourage students to represent their House in competitive and fun events throughout the year.

Boarders generally stay at school throughout the term but may spend time at weekends with their Guardian or with their Day House friends.