Queen's House

We are a home from home to over 60 Boarding girls from Year 7 through to Year 13 from the UK and all over the world as well as 30 Day students who live locally, ensuring that our Boarding girls integrate fully into the academic and social life of Royal Russell.

Our community supports one another in our work, home and social life. We aim to provide a friendly, calm environment in which we live and work together. The older girls mentor the younger ones and are role models for them and new students settle in quickly.

We have a wide variety of modern facilities available to the girls and in particular they love the communal areas. Our kitchen is a café style cooking and dining area, where we love to congregate to cook, eat and share conversation.

Study areas provide a quiet space for additional learning and homework and comfortable bedroom accommodation gives our girls a relaxing environment for rest and sleep.

Our friendly and supportive team of staff provide excellent pastoral care to ensure that our girls are happy and have a successful school experience away from home.

Our house spirit is strong and we particularly enjoy the inter House co-curricular competitions as well as our house parties and events.

‘Lively’, ‘integrated’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘multi-cultural' are words Queen’s girls use to describe their House.

Melanie Davenport
Housemistress, Queen's House