Year 10 Careers Fair

On Thursday 3 May,  Royal Russell hosted a superb Careers Fair for all Year 10 pupils and their families in Great Hall and the Auditorium.

We were fortunate to be supported by professionals representing careers sectors from Accountancy to Design, the Army to Charity, WaterAid and Information Technology to Public Relations.

All of these professionals, many of whom are parents or Old Russellians, were there with the sole purpose of providing careers advice and information to our pupils.

Best of all, were the conversations with pupils who had secured offers of work experience or work place visits, had business cards with offers for continued advice and mentoring and above all, that many pupils had meaningful conversations about what their future careers might look like.

Thank you to the parents and pupils, the exhibitors, Mrs Harris, Mr Lloyd-Jones and most of all to the Prefects for welcoming our guests so warmly and assisting throughout the evening. 

If you would like to get involved in future career fairs please contact Mr Lloyd-Jones at: