Canterbury Tales Fundraising

We all know a bit about the ‘Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer.  That old English story about a group of very different pilgrims – like the irrepressible Wife of Bath, the ‘parfait gentil’ Knight and the modest, honourable Parson – who make a journey to Canterbury, each with a tale to tell.

Royal Russell is a community full of similarly different characters. We might be on a different journey, but we each have our own tale to share.   In 2019-2020, we have been invited to undertake the Royal Russell Canterbury Tales challenge!

So what is the Royal Russell Canterbury Tales challenge? 

Everyone has their own charity about which they feel strongly, or a cause in which they believe. We may know someone whose life we want to celebrate or in whose name we would like to raise money.  It may be you want to raise awareness of a different journey you, or someone you care about, has been on or share the experience of a path you are currently trying hard to travel…

What is our aim?

To raise money or awareness for a range of charities, over the school year of 2019-20, under the united theme of ‘The Canterbury Tales’.

The year’s success will culminate in a walk/run/cycle back from Canterbury Cathedral to Royal Russell where we will celebrate the Grand Total and share our amazing experiences all together at a big BBQ party on Sunday 14th June 2020.

On this site, you will find links to many different tales being told and the wonderful challenges being undertaken. Here, each participating ‘pilgrim’, whether that is an individual or a group, will give you the opportunity to follow their story or donate to their cause.  On this page, you will also be able to share the excitement of watching the overall total grow weekly.

What type of tales might there be?

The exciting idea behind this is that everyone can be involved however they would like and for whatever reason moves and inspires them. For example, Buchanan will share their belief in the power of love and friendship on Valentine’s Day, with special heart decorated cupcakes sent to someone special, whilst raising money for the British Heart Foundation. Mr Hutchinson's tale for Keable concerns a charity that researches into Altzeimers. It is important because he has watched people that he cares about decline slowly and inexorably.  His event is called the Birthday Boy challenge because he would like the boys of Keable to forgo one birthday present for one whole year and, instead, ask their parents to donate the money that they would have spent to this worthwhile cause  And what about Zac and Sasha Jennings?  Well, they’re abseiling the Broadgate Tower in London on Friday 6th September to tell their tale about the invaluable work of the Maggie centres; amazing places that provide free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer, their family and friends.

What types of challenges might there be?

Being creative and having fun, whilst really thinking about how charity can mean so much more than simply giving money, is behind this idea too.  Students have been encouraged to consider what would be the best challenge for them and their cause.  Follow the links to see some of the exciting events planned so far!

Here are some challenges being planned:  A two/three day ‘pilgrimmage’ from Canterbury with overnight stays in tents; a Pilgrims Relay around the school covering the distance of Canterbury to Winchester; a staff bike ride back from Canterbury; a ten mile/5 mile walk back from Westerham to cover the last leg of the way on the Sunday; an English Department Scheme of work for KS3 based on ‘The Canterbury Tales’; a three day ‘fringe’ event at lunchtimes in the week before the Festival; and what about some staff v teachers fixtures?

These events will be run by members of the RRS community - prefects, students, parents, staff, friends or ORs - and we’re sure that over the year there will be more and more Canterbury Tales and Challenges and opportunities to join in and support.  Cake sales, performances at the BBQ, raffles at the school play, Mufti Days, sponsored activities?  We already do so many of these for so many charities; this year, we will just share them under the idea of The Canterbury Tales!

So keep an eye on this site and thank you very much in advance for all your support of the 2019-2020 Royal Russell Canterbury Tales Challenge!