Development and Giving

Our Development Office is dedicated to advancing our strategic goals by nurturing lifelong relationships with our school community of students, Old Russellians, parents, organisations, friends and supporters.

We wish to foster a true sense of belonging and engagement in our mission and our successes.

We have over 7,000 registered Old Russellians, who reside in all corners of the world, who have used the skills and talents they honed at Royal Russell to lead, create, inspire and innovate in their chosen professions. 

We aim to harness this broad talent for our current students by providing mentoring, work experience and careers advice opportunities. If you would like to help us and share your experience with our student, please get in touch.

We also aim to develop channels of financial support through the Annual Fund, where donations received significantly accellerate our development plans and strategic goals, and help us increase social mobility with means-tested bursaries for those children who would thrive at Royal Russell and support our community.

Support the Royal Russell 1853 Annual Fund 

Royal Russell has started a regular giving programme through its new Annual Fund. The fund is for bursaries and capital projects and encourages ORs and parents to give £18.53 a month to the campaign. A regular giving scheme allows a school to forecast its Annual Fund income over a number of years Donors join the Russell Club and receive a tie or a scarf and are invited to a champagne reception at Royal Russell Day each year. If you would like to support, please email Royal Russell Development Manager, Jeremy Lloyd-Jones

OR Chair, Adrian Edwards, said : ‘I am delighted the school has started an Annual Fund and I am happy to lend my support to the work the school is doing As the School started in 1853, this is a suitable monthly donation level to give (£18.53).