Introducing The Annual Fund

Royal Russell has a proud and honorable history that began in 1853 with the sympathy and vision of three young clerks from the textile trade. They met to discuss how they could help the widow and children of a close colleague who had died suddenly. They wanted a 'fair education' for the orphans and necessitous children of their trade, who would otherwise suffer the misery of workhouses and stand little chance of any decent schooling or reasonable work prospects in later life. They felt there had to be another way, and resolved that a school would need to be built.  

Their commitment, and the generosity of their many benefactors, led to the foundation of Royal Russell. The School relied solely on donations of funds, raised through a cycle of annual appeals. 

In 1924, upon the opening of our current site, The President of the Appeals Fund wrote of the School's desire to express their deep sense of gratitude for the enthusiastic and substantial suppport which had been forthcoming year by year. He wrote of his pride in this great school, with its unbroken record of success, as an asset to the children. He wrote:

'It needs an abler pen to convey adequately the charm that the School has. There is something elusive but very real - something so different from what one expects. Is it perhaps that the sympathy went deeper than a sense of duty, and the realisation of that dream of 1853 is now here, evident to your senses? 

Whatever it be, it is here: and everyone who visits feels it. An atmosphere of cheer - vital, alive, a sense of comradeship. No chilly formality and none of that 'institutionality' that makes a mock of childhood. The surroundings help, of course - fine trees, fine views, fine buildings - but it is more than this, more than anything concrete and material.'      .

Today, almost 165 years later, we remain deeply committed to continuing the good work of our Founders, who gave their new school the motto that we continue to live by - non sibi sed omnibus. A Royal Russell education is prized today more than ever, and yet is open to fewer pupils of limited financial means than we would wish. We currently support the education of many students and wish to continue to offer means-tested bursaries to those who we know will thrive here; whether their talents lie in academia, music, performing arts or on the sports fields. 

We are also dedicated to our ambitious development plans for our beautiful greenbelt estate, that will enhance the living and learning spaces for current and future generations of Russellians. Our plans include the building of new accommodation for day and boarding students, upgrading of our existing facilities, investing in innovative information technology and creating specialist facilities to meet the academic and pastoral needs of our students, now and in the future. 

We have therefore set up the Annual Fund, a request for support to every member of the Royal Russell community, including parents, Old Russellians, staff and friends of the School. 

Gifts of all sizes can make an immediate and substantial difference, accelerating the progress of the School's highest priorities. 

Thank you for your support.

Mr Chris Hutchinson