Royal Russell is an open, ambitious, courageous and distinctive community.  We feel it is important to share our inclusion activities within our own community and beyond.  We recognise that this is a journey and inclusion does not stop with a ‘check list’ of activities.  We will continue to question whether actions and initiatives are as inclusive as they can be and we will continue to learn from growth experiences on our journey.   ‚Äč

In collating our strategic inclusion activities, we have reflected upon our four Strategic Priorities: Learning, People, Community and Place.  This is because we feel inclusion is an area which has strategic importance for the School and is a thread which must flow through all activities. 

As a school, we have a central role to play in educating our pupils about the importance of inclusion and we want our community to have a clear understanding about what Royal Russell will be doing to shift gear on inclusion and play our part in the wider conversation.  We are determined to be part of a future where no pupil is made to feel ‘less than’ because of their ethnicity, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or for any other reason. 

This document will be updated annually, with progress fed back to our community.  It is not designed to be an exhaustive list, nor cover every element of inclusion.  It does, however, speak to the issues which we feel are most pressing in our community right now.  We are always grateful for feedback from our community.  If you would like to discuss inclusion, please email

Strategic Inclusion Activities

It's time to shift gear on inclusion - thought piece from Chris Hutchinson, Headmaster