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New Starters Induction Day 2024

The School was excited to welcome Year 6 pupils for their Induction Day.

Our new cohort of pupils starting in September were greeted with their brand new House T-shirts. After lunch, many pupils participated in various activities such as cooking, science, art, and more! In their houses, they spoke to some of the current Year 7 pupils and received advice and tips from the Sixth Form prefects.

A few of our Royal Russell pupils from the Junior School shared their thoughts on the day:

"I found it very fun and exciting to see the people that would soon be in our class. I was in disbelief to see how many people there were and all the people that would be in my House." - Eddie

"It was amazing to see everyone in my House! I have made some new friends and hoping that I will make more. It was exciting to meet people in my House and getting to know each other and getting used to where everything is." - Izzy

Watch our video here:

Schools Triathlon 2024 Royal Russell School
  • Press Release

Another successful Schools Triathlon at Royal Russel, welcomed 700 pupils from 26 local schools.  

700 children came together at Royal Russell School on Sunday 19 May to take part in the Knight Frank Schools Triathlon, the UK’s largest fundraising event for children. In teams of four, they swam, cycled and ran their hearts out and have so far raised over £83,046 for Restless Development and numerous other charities chosen by the participating schools. It is a truly inspiring story of local children supporting young leaders around the world.

This is a national series organised by global youth charity, Restless Development. This year 10,000 pupils will be taking part to raise over £1 million; which will help to support over 100 charities.

Click here to read the full press release. 

Rush Hour Concert - Summer Term 2024
  • Co-Curricular

The Rush Hour Concert had an exceptionally high quality of performances, showcasing musicians across many of our year groups. 

This week, the Music Department hosted the twice termly ‘Rush Hour Concert’. These concerts are casual and held right after school, making it easy for friends and parents to attend and show their support. They provide a wonderful opportunity for students to present their latest work to an encouraging audience, who can enjoy a hot drink and a biscuit during the performances.

These concerts are designed to promote musicians at all stages of their development, and the quality of performances on Wednesday was exceptionally high. We heard some amazing performances by Isabella (Year 9), Annabelle (Year 7), Paris (Year 7), Yasmin (Year 9), Louise (Year 10), Maisy (Year 10), Isabella (Year 9), Lara (Year 12), and a wonderful virtuosic display on the Piano by Anxo (Year 10). 

Inter School Maths Challenge 2023
  • Academic

The School hosted the annual Inter School Maths Challenge, welcoming 16 local schools to participate in challenging Maths activities. 

On Wednesday 1 May, the school hosted our annual Year 5 Primary Mathematics Olympiad, involving 16 local independent and state schools. The young pupils from across the borough and beyond were enthusiastic and worked hard on the competition. Congratulations to overall winners Royal Russell Junior School, with Elmhurst School and Laleham Lea School runners-up.  

The pupils were rewarded with some welcome refreshments and enjoyed a presentation from the professional magician Andrew Jeffrey. His show on the 'The Maths and Magic of Rubik's Cube' took the young people on a journey through the construction of not just the cube, but numbers themselves. It was a show full of mathematics and magic. A huge thank you to Mrs Smith as well as our Sixth Form helpers for coordinating the competition part of this successful event.  



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