Committee Members

The Old Russellians Committee is made up of 10 Old Russellians who meet once per term with 2 or 3 representatives from the current school. If you would like to be invited to join the committee or participate in organising O.R. events please contact us via email


Chairman: Colin Cameron


Former student 1975 - 1983 in St Andrews House.


Secretary: Adrian Edwards

Email :

Adrian was at school from 1969 to 1976 in Oxford House and a School Prefect in the Sixth Form and ran the CCF Signals Unit 1973-1976.

He studied Animation at West Surrey College of Art and Design from 1977-1980 and was working in London as an Animation Director in the Media and Advertising Industry until 2017. 

Treasurer: Nigel Reed

At School from 1965 - 1976 in Roberts / Oxford House

Committee Member: Ian Walsh

At School 1973-1975.  Still in contact with circa 200 ORs from 1970s.

Committee Member: Brian Angel

Brian was a pupil at the Warehousemen, Clerks & Drapers' School from 1937 to 1947 at Russell Hill Purley and Ballards, Addington.

He is the son of Old Russellian, Kathleen Dowdell (1907 to 1916) and Leslie Angel, former head boy of Royal Commercial Travellers' School.

He was admitted as 'necessitous' boarder to Russell Hill kindergarten aged 6. He went on to be a twice Art Prize winner and St Andrew's House prefect. Brian has been on the O.R. committee since 1959 and was editor/designer of the "Russellian" for nine years.

He is currently creative director for international contemporary art fairs in London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong and is a Freeman of the City of London.

Committee Member: Kemal Chaudhri


(At School 1967-1974).  Kemal joined the OR committee in April 2008.

Committee Member: Rob Fisher

At School 1996-2002.  Rob was a School Prefect while at Royal Russell and Company Sergeant Major of the Combined Cadet Force from 2001-2002.

He has returned to help out with CCF since 2005.

Committee Member: Charles Froy

At School 1992-1998.  Charles was in St Andrew's House and became Head of House in his final year.

He is a member of the CCF staff.

He joined the OR committee in 2006.

Committee Member: Aazim Ihsam

At Royal Russell 2005-2012 and a member of Madden House.  

Committee Member: Danny O'Rourke

At Royal Russell 2015-2017 and a member of Madden House.

Committee Member: James Strudwick

Former student at Royal Russell 2003 - 2013 and a member of Madden House.

Committee Member: Dan Udall

At Royal Russell 1988 - 1993 and a member of St Andrews House

Committee Member: John Piggin

A member of staff at Royal Russell School from 1974-2013.

John was Head of History, Director of MUN and Housemaster of Cambridge House, until retiring in the summer of 2013.

Royal Russell School Staff supporting the Old Russellians

To help the Old Russellians' Society and provide a point of focus at the School, the School have a number of members of staff who support the work of the Old Russellians, including Correspondent, Julia Powell and OR Secretary.  For more information, email

Old Russellian Correspondent: Julia Powell

Julia joined Royal Russell School in 1970 as Head of Girls PE. During her time in school she was Housemistress of South House, Tutor in Crispin and St Andrews and Housemistress of St Andrews in her final year. Since retiring in 2005 she has been the Old Russellian Correspondent.