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"You have the chance to shape and change student's lives and that really is a key thing."

David Selby, International Relations

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I was a deputy head for 14 years. It was making sure everything was the best it could possibly be and I got a great sense of satisfaction. From small to massive events, it was making sure, they went well and everybody got the most from them. I really enjoyed still teaching, supporting the pupils making sure they were happy, focused and enjoyed school life.

I am currently working in international relations, which has given me the chance to look at a job from a different perspective. I get more time to work with boarding students, interviewing and travelling. Working with different people on new school projects with sister schools in other countries has been interesting, although it has been frustrating because it’s slowed down due to the pandemic.

Who is your role model?

There is only one person that I would say is my role model and that is my father. He was incredibly hard working and made a huge amount of sacrifices for my brother, mum and me. He was very thoughtful and supportive and yet a very reserved character. If I had to deal with tricky situations I would always think about what he would say to me, and nearly always, that gave me the answer. I would like to think I have instilled many of his qualities in me. 

What is your favourite thing about Royal Russell?

It still has its feet firmly on the ground. As in, any place schools make errors at times, but essentially, it has remained grounded whilst still growing and developing.

What is your top reason to work in education?

I am probably slightly old fashioned when I believe it is slightly more a vocation, but it is undoubtedly a profession as well. I have always liked the idea of working with people, you can always go beyond, and that is what makes it attractive. You have the chance to shape and change student’s lives and that really is a key thing. You work with magnificent people in a place that offers great opportunities. I love being able to shape children’s ideas and give them that push they need to help them achieve their goals.  








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