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"As a school, we understand that all our pupils have the potential to excel in a variety of fields."

Ed Hutchinson, Head of Pastoral Care

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the variety. I get to teach history, something that I have been doing for twenty years, but I also have several other hats. I am housemaster, a member of the safeguarding team and take an overview on discipline within the school. It's a cliche but it's true; no two days are the same.

Who is your role model?

My role model is my father. He was brought up in a small house in the west end of Newcastle. He worked hard at school, becoming the first member of his side of the family to go to university. He joined the Coal Board as a young solicitor, ignored a number of offers from private law firms and eventually retired as Chairman of British Coal. He worked six, sometimes seven days a week to make sure my sisters and I were given every opportunity growing up.

What is your favourite thing about Royal Russell?

The grounds. They are stunning. If I ever have a quiet moment I like to go for a run around the cross-country course. Do it early in the morning and you'll see deer, foxes and a wealth of birdlife.








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