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"Everyone that I work with is lovely and supportive; it is a little Royal Russell family."Tyler Ward, Class Teacher

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The people, both staff and children. I have been lucky enough to teach the entire Junior School and now my own class, which is great; they are a lovely class. I have had opportunities and experiences, for example going on ski trips abroad and being able to complete my PGCE, which wasn’t necessary at the forefront of my mind until I started working here.

Who is your role model?

This was a hard one, so it came down to someone who is current now, Lewis Hamilton. He is a role model for a number of reasons. Firstly, from where he started the odds on him achieving what he has were very narrow. He never gave up, and when you hear him speak the first thing he always does is talk about his entire team. He never forgets the people behind him.

What is your favourite thing about Royal Russell?

The people, I have some wonderful friends, some that have left the school, some that are still here. Everyone that I work with is lovely and supportive; it is a little Royal Russell family.

Complete the sentence – education needs…?

Education needs honesty from teachers, and this is something we should be instilling in our students to help them later on in life.








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