1853 Society Committee 

Election to the Committee happens each year at the Annual General Meeting and applications for membership are welcome from any parent or guardian of children at the school. 

The Committee meets on average every half term to plan, organise, manage and deliver events, to agree which school equipment or projects to fund and to exchange ideas.

The Parents' Association is a registered Charity [The 1853 Society (Royal Russell Parents' Association) Registration Number: 1167263], so full committee members are trustees of the charity and as such have a formal duty to make sure that any money donated is used as intended.  Having said that, our meetings don't tend to be stuffy, formal occasions, since one of our stated intentions is to bring Royal Russell families together to have fun!  We tend to work through a number of sub-committees to plan and coordinate specific events and usually end up recruiting over 100 volunteers each year [parents, teachers and friends] whose help is invaluable. 

So please feel free to come and join in anytime - come to an event, contact us and come along beforehand and help set up or come to one of the regular meetings to see what we're up to and find out more about what you might like to get involved with - we'd love to see you.

The 1853 Society AGM Nomination form 2023/24