Here's how we've helped

The 1853 Society has agreed to fund:

  • Another competition standard trampoline
  • Developments to the Junior School outdoor play area
  • A biology course for years 9 -13
  • A new vinyl laser cutter for the Senior School's Design & Technology Dept
  • We contributed £100,000 towards the building of a new Pavilion on North Pitch
  • The 1853 Society has made a significant contribution towards the Junior School Adventure Playground
  • Contribution to new blackout curtains in the Auditorium
  • Purchase of artwork for the Chapel
  • Contribution to the Year 6 Production
  • Concert music stands
  • Golf equipment for new golf range
  • New Hymnals and offertory for the Chapel
  • Cameras and equipment for the Media Department
  • Tournament quality trampoline

Here's how we decide how your subscriptions/ donations are spent in support of the school.

For every request for funding that is presented to the Parents' Association, the Committee will ask:

  1. Does the proposal/request advance the education of the pupils?
  2. Does it benefit the few or the majority? The preference is for the majority.
  3. Is it an extra (jam in the cake), that is beneficial to have, but not a necessity as necessities should be provided by the school?
  4. Has the department already benefited from Parents' Association Funding? If so, should another bid be considered first?
  5. Is the request for funding something the Parents' Association traditionally funds or makes a contributes to?  (An example of this would be the Year 6 Production)

Each request for funding is considered individually on it's own merits, but consideration is given to the above criteria in order to help the Parents' Association Trustees/members reach fair and transparent decisions and to ensure Parents' Association monies are spent appropriately, in the spirit of the original donation.