Letter from the Headmaster

Thank you for your interest in joining the Royal Russell Team

Our happy, vibrant and forward-looking community provides our girls and boys, from 3 to 18 years, with a high quality academic education.  We seek to develop the best of our pupils, staff and families within a vibrant community; one which cares and shows mutual respect for all and celebrates the success of each individual as part of the whole. The School's motto 'non sibi sed omnibus' (Not for oneself but for all) is at the heart of our ethos.
You’ll be joining a team of enthusiastic and talented staff, who give their energy, time and passion to ensure that every student achieves the very best they can, through the subjects that they teach and also in their roles as House Staff and Tutors. Our academic ambition, our dedicated staff and focus on each individual’s talents and strengths ensure success at each stage of the learning journey from Nursery through to the Sixth Form and university beyond.
Our students are remarkable and a pleasure to teach. They are tolerant, respectful, fun and giving. We expect them to work hard, support each other and take risks in the pursuit of personal development and to become confident and resilient young adults. It is no surprise that our students perform exceptionally well in their public examinations.
We provide a rich and varied programme of co-curricular activities, excursions and cultural experiences for all students to enjoy, including our Combined Cadet Force, Model United Nations and regular national and international educational and sporting trips and visits when these are possible. Our staff are fully immersed in developing and delivering this programme outside of the core school day.
Our students matter to us. They are nurtured, valued and praised and given opportunities and challenges where they are allowed to enjoy their success and learn from their failures. Effort and endeavour is recognised and rewarded and not doing one’s best is simply unacceptable. 
We are a family school, with a strong sense of community. Positive relationships with our parents are crucial and our staff take the time to build and nurture productive partnerships. 
If we are a school that appeals to you, and you are looking to make your mark, get involved and make a difference, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Chris Hutchinson