Junior School Drama

From the moment our pupils join us in Nursery, they receive weekly Drama lessons and be introduced to an exciting and varied curriculum that encourages all children to be creative and imaginative.

Drama lessons are practical and engaging, and pupils are supported as they grow in confidence and flourish into young performers. Drama lessons enable pupils to access an array of topics from History to English, as well as give children an alternative way to explore current events. 

Our budding young actors and actresses are able to perform in a safe environment, and are actively encouraged to be themselves and share their thoughts and opinions with their peers.  Our pupils are constantly growing in confidence, and as well as learning the skills needed in Drama, they are learning life skills such as good oral communication, creative problem solving, motivation and commitment. 

Opportunities in Drama are ever growing at Royal Russell Junior School. As well as weekly lessons, pupils in the Lower Juniors take part in the much anticipated Christmas Nativity. Children in the Upper Juniors are given to the chance to take part in festivals with other local schools, House Drama competitions, and all children in Year 6 perform in an end of school production which is a huge highlight of the year. For children who may wish to apply for Drama scholars for the Senior School, we offer support, and take the time to ensure pupils are fully prepared for auditions. 

The Drama Department is vibrant, lively and dynamic. You just need to be walking by a lesson to hear it for yourself! 

"Drama lessons are really great and really fun. I love working in a group with my friends and using my imagination!"

Henry Hayden de Carbonnières