Junior School Symposium

Each year our Junior School hold a school-wide symposium event that focuses on a particular issue, topic or celebration. The purpose of the symposium is to celebrate and enjoy learning in new and creative ways. We are extremely proud of all of the wonderful specialist opportunities that the children at Royal Russell receive, and as such, a symposium is a coming together of all these specialist fields.  

Our theme for this year's Junior School Symposium was Sustainability. 

Pupils in our EYFS explored the idea of ‘farm-to-fork’ and planted seedlings to actively appreciate how fun it can be to grow seasonal food and thereby reduce food miles and packaging. 

Pupils in KS1 looked at the effects of plastics and marine litter on ocean life. They created ‘cork fish’ using colourful recycled scales to bring an awareness of the problem, as well as to understand the role we can all play in supporting a thriving ocean ecosystem. 

Pupils in our KS2 classes explored the concept of upcycling, and understanding green issues in the home, at school and in a global context. The award-winning 'Earthship' building made a strong impression and inspired our pupils with what could be possible in terms of renewable energy and recycled materials. 

This coming together of learning is a celebration of all that we offer at Royal Russell, and with such an important theme we have every confidence that it will have a positive impact on our Royal Russell community. The celebration and enjoyment of learning that has taken place over the week was remarkable, and additionally the important lessons learned in caring for our planet have been very impressive. We are confident that our children understand our collective responsibility in caring for our Earth.