GCSE Art and Design

Option Subject


Why Study Art and Design?

  • To develop a visual and design awareness
  • To encourage the development of visual discrimination and aesthetic judgement
  • To facilitate progression to further education in this subject
  • To improve general knowledge and cultural awareness.

Art and Design provides intellectual and academic experience within a predominantly practical activity. Students develop the ability to think clearly, form opinions, research information, prepare thoroughly for projects and meet deadlines. Critical, contextual and cultural elements will be a relevant part of all courses.  All students will be encouraged to develop their individual strengths and interests and will be required to produce a portfolio of coursework displaying their emotional and intellectual responses to a variety of demands. The projects are devised by the Art and Design Department and are exciting, relevant, thought provoking and accessible by all.

There will be: 

  • Educational visits to exhibitions, lectures and art centres are integral to the course
  • Visits from lecturers and practitioners in Fine Art, Graphic Design/Illustration and other relevant areas will be arranged when relevant and possible
  • Opportunities to enter artwork into competitions, both national and international
  • Exposure to a diverse range of artists, craft workers and designers, both traditional and contemporary
  • Opportunities to use a wide range of experimental and fun techniques and processes.

Beyond GCSE

A GCSE in Art and Design is vital for further study in fine art, architecture, sculpture, fashion, photography and highly desirable for students wishing to progress to film and media courses. Studying GCSE Art and Design is more that just drawing and painting. Many careers in IT, music and technology amongst others have been developed with the help of Art and Design at GCSE.

Course Content

Student and Teacher in Art Lesson.