GCSE Business Studies

Option Subject


This is a very broad ranging subject starting with the challenges faced when a business starts and grows.

The main areas include:          

  • The management and organisation of employees
  • The processes required to produce a product and or provide a service
  • The process of Marketing, including how a business can create a loyal customer base
  • Basic business finance including; cash flow, income statements and statements of financial position
  •  How businesses are increasingly affected by the external environment.

There is extended writing in the exams so a student needs to be able to develop and justify their business decision. Also, a student will need to complete basic financial calculations so they need to be numerate.

Beyond GCSE

The GCSE is a very popular subject with a high percentage of students continuing their studies by taking Business or Economics at A level.

Beyond that Business and Economics degrees are amongst the most popular courses for Royal Russell students, providing a pathway for a wide variety of careers from Banking, Accounting, Marketing and Management.


The assessment is exam based with two 1 hour 45 minute exams that will be taken at the end of Year 11.

Both papers will be assessed with a variety of multiple choice and short answer questions. Moving onto case study based data response questions.