GCSE Design and Technology

Option Subject


Almost everything we touch and use in our everyday life has passed through the hands of a designer. From the pen we write with to the computer in our office, the chair we are sitting on, even the orange juice carton in our fridge.   

Design and Technology deals with the practicalities of how everyday objects are created:

  • Who are designers, what do they do?
  • How is today's technology used to provide a better quality of life?
  • How does the manufacturing industry operate and what is mass production?
  • How can common materials, for example woods, metals and plastics, be formed into the complex products that we so often take for granted?

Beyond GCSE

Design and Technology is a genuinely creative subject that gives students real opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding from a broad range of other subjects. The skills developed make it an ideal support subject to the Humanities as well as offering a practical application to the Sciences and Maths.

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