GCSE Geography

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Geography GCSE follows the Edexcel A GCSE Geography Specification. It is a relevant subject in society today and gives an insight into understanding the interactions between people and the environment. It is widely accepted that universities see this as one of the most versatile subject providing you with a range of skills which are relevant in today’s job market.

Course Content

Beyond GCSE - Career Pathways 

Geography is a popular choice at A level and provides a perfect accompaniment for those students studying the Sciences, English, Maths or those wishing to have a diverse range of subjects.

Students who study Geography enjoy a range of careers including engineers, environmental management, travel, conservation, research or work in commercial organisations.

Who should consider Geography? 

Geography is a subject that has links across many other subjects including Mathematics, Sciences, English and the other Humanities subjects. It is a writing based subject which also develops statistical, cartographical and graphical skills.