GCSE Mathematics

Core Subject


Mathematics is studied by all students up to GCSE level and is a subject in which our students have enjoyed considerable success over many years. We intend to follow the Edexcel 9 - 1 GCSE specification or Edexcel IGCSE specification dependent upon maths set.

Beyond GCSE

A good proportion of students at Royal Russell take A level Mathematics and the School has a record of
producing the highest level of results, with many students progressing to read Mathematics based degrees at Russell Group universities.     

The minimum requirement to take A level Mathematics will be grade 7 at GCSE but algebraic skills need to be strong. To support this, the Department offers an A level induction morning after the GCSE exams in Year 11. An A level in Maths is highly regarded by many employers and is a pre-requisite for a wide range of careers and degree courses, for example science, accountancy, finance and engineering.

Course Content and Examination Information

There are two tiers of entry in Mathematics, Higher and Foundation. The grading for GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics will be on a numerical scale from 1 to 9. The Higher Tier examination covers grades 4 to 9 and the Foundation Tier examination covers grades 1 to 5.

The tier of entry will be decided by the Mathematics Department so that each student is entered at the level in which s/he is most likely to obtain her/his best level of attainment. The vast majority of students at Royal Russell will sit the Higher Tier examination, however, some students may be entered for the GCSE Foundation Tier, if it is felt that they will achieve a higher grade this way.

It is worth mentioning that GCSE Mathematics is significantly more demanding than previously, with an additional content when compared to previous years. The Department has been preparing students for this during the course of Years 7 to 9.

The Department has a tradition of offering a range of revision classes, including holiday courses and weekly revision support sessions in the run up to exams.