GCSE Media Studies

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GCSE Media Studies is an exciting and ever relevant subject. It teaches students how to question the media landscape around them through the in-depth analysis of both contemporary and historical texts ranging across a wide variety of platforms. The course is split into the theoretical analysis of texts (70%) and the completion of a practical brief (30%). The department has two dedicated Apple Mac suites and a fully functioning, lighting rigged studio in which students will learn new technical skills. Our students also participate in an exciting array of extracurricular activities, including Royal Russell Day and MUN TV, which equip them with the skills and experience they need to excel in the subject. Media Studies students demonstrate a high level of organisation, problem solving and creative skills. They are both analytical in their approach to texts and passionate about creating their own media products.

Course Content

Over this comprehensive two year course, students will develop a real appreciation for the media’s powerful role in our society, culture and politics. Through analysing a wide range of texts, from advertising and magazines, to newspapers and video games, students will be able to apply skills of enquiry, critical thinking and decision making.

By the end of the course, students will have used this understanding of key media theories and issues, along with their own creativity and honed practical skills, to produce their own media text.

Our well equipped department with experienced teaching staff provide many opportunities to develop their skills in co-curricular projects and activities allowing them to make friends, build a portfolio and prepare themselves for the challenges of Key Stage 5. Like many of our former students, they may soon be hearing their names called in award ceremonies or reading them proudly in production credits.

In 2019, 33% of our GCSE students achieved an 8 or 9 grade (A-A*) with 100% achieving a grade C or above.

Beyond GCSE

In 2016, 90% of our A level students achieved A*- B and two of our recent student’s films were nominated for National Awards, so students can look forward to furthering their studies at Royal Russell with confidence and anticipation.

Indeed, for some students, GCSE Media may be the first step on a career in the media industries. Former students are currently enjoying exciting careers in television and advertising, having studied at the best universities for the subject in the UK.