GCSE Modern Foreign Languages: French, Spanish and German

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By the end of Year 9, most students have been studying French, Spanish and German (for some) for three or more years. All current Year 9 students will be required to take at least one Modern Foreign Language to IGCSE level from French, Spanish and German or a combination of the three. The more languages a student is able to speak, the more prepared s/he is for their future prosperity and global standing.                           

However, the choice must be based on existing performance and a realistic view of future potential, a decision best reached in close consultation with the French, Spanish and German teachers concerned. All students in Year 9 will be assessed in three skills. This should give students a strong indication regarding their ability and an opportunity to compare their language skills.

Topics and Grammer

Beyond GCSE

In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to demonstrate competence in a foreign language is a valuable asset. The Department offers French, Spanish and German at A level, and many degree courses across a spectrum of subjects may include one or more foreign languages. Some universities will even request a language GCSE as an entrance requirement for some courses (e.g. UCL).

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Years 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to visit France following their exchange programme with a school from Montpellier and Zaragoza with the Spanish exchange. This is a great chance for the students to forge a
continuous link with a foreign student and to enhance their potential for their examination. Years 9 to 11 visit the Institutes and Cinemas of the respective languages.