GCSE Science

Core Subject


Students will follow the course for the IGCSE Double Award Science - with specialist teaching for each of the components for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Double Award is now enhanced to provide even stronger preparation for the study of Science at A level and beyond.

Students learn important scientific principles, and learn about relevant scientific issues. The results of exams in each of the three separate sciences are combined to produce two IGCSE qualifications.

Course Content

IGCSE Separate Sciences

For those students who are performing at an exceptional level in all three of their Sciences, there will be an opportunity to take an additional qualification in the sciences (a 3rd GCSE) as one of their Options subjects.

Students in this position will gain IGCSE qualifications in all three sciences - Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which again provides excellent preparation for those students who wish to go on to study Science at A level and beyond.

Beyond GCSE

Pupils can study Science A levels if they achieve a high standard in either the IGCSE separate Sciences or GCSE Double Award.