A Level and BTEC results 2020

If I am asked what we do at Royal Russell, I reply with; we provide an outstanding, academic, 3 - 18 co-educational experience as the Family School of choice in South London. I also emphasise that, we are passionate learners and pursue excellence in all that we do and, that we are ambitious for ourselves and recognise the rewards of effort, collaboration and commitment.

In all that we do as a School, we aim to instil that sense of courage and commitment in our young people that will help them through the challenges and adversity they may face. This amazing group of Year 13 Students have had to cope with a huge amount of uncertainty as they have prepared for A level and BTEC examinations that were then cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. It is therefore heartening to see that the overall results for the cohort are very much in line with our recent performance as a School and remain especially strong at the high ability end, with a record 14.7% of A* grades awarded.

Particular mention should be made of our three Oxbridge candidates and veterinary candidate, who have all been successful in achieving the grades required for their places.

Ella Jones                   A*, A*, A*, A    Theology at Selwyn College, Cambridge      

Megan Driver              A*, A,  A,            History at Peterhouse, Cambridge

Anna Firth                   A*, A*, A          Veterinary Sciences at Liverpool

We also congratulate Year 14 student, Tim Zhang for gaining his place to read psychology at Oxford University.

Whilst the overall cohort picture is very positive, inevitably, there are significant anomalies in the grades awarded for a small number of candidates and the School will be pursuing these cases robustly through the appeal process to ensure that all of our candidates are ultimately awarded the grades that they deserve.

The university outcomes for this group are very encouraging and students will be moving on from Royal Russell to study a wide range of courses including: Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Economics, English, History, Music Production, Maths, Sport and Exercise Science, Film and Television, Philosophy and Psychology at universities including Bristol, Bath, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Leeds, Loughborough, Nottingham, University College London and Warwick.

We also have a small number of students who will be joining apprenticeship schemes and directly entering employment, including Ria Kamdar who has been accepted onto a degree apprenticeship with PWC at Birmingham University.

A summary of the cumulative % of grades awarded is shown below. These grades include the A level equivalent grades achieved by our BTEC students.




Cum% Cum% Cum% Cum% Cum% Cum%
A* 14.7 13.9 10.3 10.4 12.0 12.0
A 41.9 44.8 36.3 31.6 42.6 42.6
B 68.1 68.2 64.1 60.2 69.9 69.9
C 88.2 89.1 86.6 85.1 90.0 90.0
D 96.1 97.0 95.8 98.9 98.0 98.0
E 99.6 100.0 99.6 99.6 100.0 100.0
U 100 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0


I would to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the staff team for the work completed and support offered to ensure successful outcomes for this wonderful group of young people. They have probably felt the impact of a very difficult year more than most and it was great to be able to welcome a good number of them back to the School today to mark this occasion.

I would also like to thank our amazingly committed Royal Russell parents for their loyalty and support of the School. Today, as well as thanking families we have known for only a short time, I was talking with a family who have been parents here for an amazing 18 years and wishing Nikita every success in her Psychology course at the University of Bath, having achieved A*, A*, A after 15 years as a Royal Russell student!

Congratulations again to all of our Year 13 Students.

I wish you all every success on your journey to greatness.

 “Go out into the world
Learn for yourselves.
Find out for yourselves.
Question everything.
Seek to know for yourself so that you may grasp
the deeper truths of life with a strong mind.
Give of your soul.
Don’t be afraid to feel, or to love, or to fail
Have fun.
Be inspired.
Be true to yourself without being mean to others and most importantly learn the wonderful art of happiness.”

Ben Okri, in ‘A Time for new dreams’

Chris Hutchinson
13 August 2020