Learning and socialising outside of the classroom is important at Royal Russell. With our clubs and activities programme we believe there really is something for everyone, and we actively encourage our pupils to try as many clubs as possible. You never know if you like something until you have tried it! 

Model United Nations (MUN)

Royal Russell School has been active in organising and participating in MUN meetings for over thirty years.  Our Annual (four day) International MUN attracts over 500 enthusiatic students from the UK and all around the world to participate. MUN meetings are fully student led and are run totally by students for students.  

A MUN meeting is more about developing communication skills than it is about the United Nations as an organisation. Although the UN forms the basic framework, MUN gives students the opportunity to talk, listen to, and sometimes persuade people from other schools to accept their views. Students take part in debating and public speaking and developing leadership skills.

Combined Cadet Force

The CCF is a voluntary school activity open to pupils in Year 9 and above and aims to teach practical skills which are not covered within other subjects at school.

Training within the CCF is organised and run by members of staff, the Officers, and cadet NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers) who are students in Years 12 and 13.  Within the initial training, pupils will be taught practical skills such as First Aid, Self-Reliance, Map and Compass Skills, as well as an understanding of the military structure.  The nature of certain aspects of the training necessitates that it is carried out away from school.  Pupils have the opportunity to go on camps, course and expeditions.  

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is a leading youth charity and gives all young people the chance to develop skills for work and life, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future.  At Royal Russell School pupils from the age of 14 years are presented with a challenging programme of activities to stimulate their enthusiasm.  

This scheme is managed in conjunction with the Combined Cadet Force.  Entry to the Scheme is voluntary and non-competitive and individuals are assessed on their own progress.  


Driving School















Royal Russell is extremely keen to promote safe driving and runs the Royal Russell Young Drivers' Club which is supported by Croydon Council and JEDS Driving School. The ten week theory course is provided by the JEDS Driving Instructor Team.

This is a unique opportunity for our Sixth Formers to prepare for their Theory Tests using a range of resources including hands-on experience in the safety of the school grounds. Once they have passed the Theory Test, they may then take advantage of reduced rates in practical lessons. Pupils are given the opportunity to drive off road, using the school grounds that are located around the perimeter of the School. 


We have a multitude of sport clubs where everyone will be able to find something they enjoy with friends:

From House Sport, Academic PE, Multi Sports, Trampolining, Table Tennis, Leisure Swim, Swim Squad and Running Club. Some of our teachers run every Saturday at the Lloyd Park Run, they would love to see as many of you there with them as possible.

We also run Football, Netball, Hockey and Basketball Clubs for everyone. If your talent lies there you may also be able to join our Sport Academies for all of these. 

Getting Creative

For those with a creative flair we have many activities and clubs to tempt you:

From Photography & Photoshop, Art & Design, Specialist Drawing Club, Design & Technology.

Drama and Music

If performing is your thing we have a variety of activies and clubs to satisfy you:

From Trinity Drama, Drama Tech and National Theatre Playwriting Club.

For the musically talented Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Choir, Chamber Music and Jamming Sesion, Training Band, Swing Band and Music Theory.


If you love languages you may want to try our Latin, Mandarin or Japanese clubs.


If games are your thing we have Scrabble Club, Chess Club, Puzzles and Games Club and Maths Games Club.

Other Varied Clubs

Amongst some of the other clubs we run are:

Biology Challenge, Computer Science, Geography, Theology & Philosophy Debate, Explore Christianity, Amnesty International, Stem Club, Linguistics, Touch Typing, Food Club and last but not least the Royal Russell School Newspaper! 

We defy you not to be able to find something you enjoy!