Joining our Sixth Form

Entry requirements for Year 12

Our standard entry requirements are 36 GCSE points from 6 subjects, including English and Maths, along with good school reports and attendance records. Alternative qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Pupils wishing to start on 4 A levels need 5 subjects at grade 8 including each subject they will be studying.

The waiting list

Places at Royal Russell School Sixth Form are oversubscribed to an average ratio of 4:1. We cannot, therefore, offer a place to all applicants. If we are not able to offer an immediate place, we may add a pupil’s name to the waiting list, should a place become available. We will explain this and next steps to you in full.

Subject Minimum GCSE Entry Requirements Subject Minimum GCSE Entry Requirements 
Art & Design 6 in Art Mathematics 7 in Mathematics
Biology 7 in Biology Media Studies A level 6 in Media Studies, 6 in English Language
Business A level 6 in Business Studies, 6 in English Language Media Studies BTEC 6 in Media Studies, 6 in English Language
Business Studies BTEC 6 in Business Studies, 6 in English Language Music 6 in Music or Grade 5 in an instrument
Chemistry 7 in Chemistry Music Technology 6 in Music or relevant subject
Computer Science 6 in Computer Science Photography 6 in Art or similar
Design Technology 6 in Design Technology Physics 7 in Physics and Maths
Drama 6 in Drama Politics 6 in English Language
Economics 7 in Maths, 6 in English Language Psychology 6 in English Language and 6 in Biology
English Literature 6 in English Language and 6 in English Literature Religious Studies 6 in English Language (and Religious Studies if taken)
French 6 in French Spanish 6 in Spanish
Further Mathematics 8 in Mathematics Sport BTEC 6 in in English Language and 6 in PE
Geography 6 in Geography    
History 6 in History    


Sixth Form scholarships are available for pupils entering Year 12 and are awarded based on the number of top grades achieved at GCSE.

The award of a scholarship confers a status upon the holder and it is reflected in their reference when they apply for university and higher education. Scholarship holders are seen as an example to other pupils and are, therefore, expected to demonstrate high standards of work and behaviour in order to maintain their scholarship place. Scholarships are also subject to all normal terms and conditions in relation to the payment of fees.

Year 13 Entry Requirements 

Pupils will need to secure a minimum of a C grade in Year 12 exams, which are sat at the start of the Summer Term, in order to continue studying that course into Year 13.