Business A Level


Business is a very popular subject with two sets being run in both Years 12 and 13. It is a very successful subject proving to be a gateway for future studies in a wide range of business related courses at university.

Within the Department, much use is made of the extensive resources including newspapers, magazines, the latest business books, the Internet and business broadcasts on radio and television. Our students are inquisitive and are interested in the world around them.

Course Assessment

Looking Further Ahead

Currently, Business and Economics related subjects are the most popular degree choice for Royal Russell students, reading at a variety of universities including; Warwick, Manchester, Loughborough, Leeds, UCL, City, Durham and Surrey.

Most areas of finance, accountancy, general management and consultancy require the study of business at some point. The subject leads to a wide variety of careers within the business sector, including: Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Investment Banking and Public Relations.

Course Content 

Business is an exciting, academic and contemporary subject. We begin by assessing the challenges and problems faced by businesses at start up and how they can overcome them. Later, we move on to how businesses manage to grow successfully. Students learn about business strategies and how businesses cope with change in the internal and external environment.

Students sit four exams over the length of the course. There is no coursework.