English As An Additional Language

University of Cambridge IELTS Academic Module

The aim of the English as an Additional Language Department is to teach students English and to help them reach a level with which they can:

  • Successfully follow their courses in other subjects
  • Integrate fully into the life of the School
  • Prepare for A levels and EAL examinations.

All students receiving English as an Additional Language (EAL) tuition study the grammatical and lexical systems of English and practise the skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Aims of the Course

The EAL Department aims to teach the students to speak and write accurately, clearly and confidently in an appropriate style for a given context.

Written work should have good structure, punctuation and spelling, and should be well presented.

Students should be able to communicate accurately, effectively and appropriately in a variety of speaking and listening situations and should be able to follow both verbal and written instructions correctly.

Support is also given with specific areas of vocabulary for subjects such as Business, Science and so on. The EAL Department liaises closely with the other Departments in order to provide this support.

In Year 12, students requiring an English qualification to enter a British university are prepared for the University of Cambridge/British Council IELTS Academic Module, which is recognised and accepted as an English Language qualification by universities and colleges all over the world. The module consists of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections which are equally weighted to give an Overall IELTS Band with a maximum score of 9.0.