Geography A Level

Geography A level is an exciting and dynamic course relevant to the world we live in today. It is a popular A level subject as it combines successfully with both the Humanities and Sciences. It encourages students to think holistically about the physical and human aspects of Geography and will develop one's ability to collect and analyse data in scientific enquiry, to develop a range of core skills and to improve your decision making about engaging current issues.

Key skills are learnt, such as:

  • Environmental understanding, population pressures and climate change
  • Appreciation of nature and landscape
  • Development of team building skills when undertaking field work
  • The varied roles of decision makers and how they impact on lives across the globe.

We follow the WJEC (Eduqas) exam board which covers core topics of physical and human geography, but also offers the flexibility of choice in second year modules and includes an individual study on a geographical issue.

The Department offers a wide range of additional opportunities including Royal Geographical Society membership, lectures, competitions and a variety of trips. 


Looking Further Ahead

A wide variety of skills are developed by the Geography student. These include the basic skills of communication and numeracy together with many of a more specific nature, eg problem solving, data collection, analysis and interpretation.  In addition, the Department prepares students for university with day trip visits, lectures at Royal Holloway and the Royal Geographical Society and opportunities to attend student conferences.

The Russell Group of top British universities rank Geography amongst their most desirable A levels to have for applying to university. 

Course Content 

The course is divided into 4 components, summarised below: