Mathematics A Level

Mathematics is a popular choice at A level, with around 90 students studying the subject. For many students it plays a complementary role, supporting their studies in Physics, Business or other subjects. Others study Mathematics because they find it interesting, enjoyable and because they happen to be good at it.

Students will find the course challenging but stimulating. It does require consistent hard work, but opens up many future opportunities for students. 

The minimum requirement to take A level Mathematics will be grade 7 at GCSE but algebraic skills need to be strong. 

A Level Further Mathematics

A Level Further Mathematics provides additional study of pure and applied mathematics at a deeper level.

There are two compulsory Further Pure Maths papers of 90 minutes and two option papers of 90 minutes each.

At Royal Russell we will be preparing students for the Further Mechanics and Further Statistics papers.

Looking Further Ahead

An A level in Mathematics is an entry requirement for many degree courses. Many of our students gain places to study Mathematics, Finance and Engineering at university. An A level Mathematics is also regarded by many employers as providing a good base for a range of careers. These include careers in Business and Finance, Insurance, Actuarial work, Accountancy and Engineering.

Course Content

Broadly the A level in Mathematics is split into three areas:

  • Pure Mathematics (eg algebra, trigonometry and calculus)

  • Statistics (eg averages, standard deviation, histograms) 
  • Mechanics (eg forces, friction and physical laws).

Both A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are heavily weighted towards Pure Mathematics. There are three exam papers at the end of Year 13 (all compulsory). Two Pure Maths papers of two-hours each in length and one Applied Maths paper of two hours comprising a one hour Statistics section and a one hour Mechanics section.

Enrichment and Support

We offer a weekly A level Maths Clinic on a Friday between 4:00–5:00pm as well as a programme of co-curricular revision classes during holidays and during Study Leave. 

Double Maths students have the opportunity to take part in the UK Senior Maths Challenge, Regional Team Maths Challenges and attend an A level Mathematics enrichment day held at London University. Individual support is offered to students who need to take Maths entrance papers for specific top universities.